Let there be Light


” My eyes are failing me My Lord. I see, but I don’t fathom. I feel the presence of things a many, but there is no joy nor sorrow! I seek but I do not find. Why is it so O’ Lord? Have I disappointed you for I have to myself”. ” No my child! There is darkness all around you. You have eyes but no soul. You seek but do not hope. All you need my Child is some trust – a hope to sustain, a soul to feel and a courage to face both pain and happiness.. And then my child, you will find light everywhere around you”.

Picture Courtesy: Stephen Styris

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2 thoughts on “Let there be Light

  1. @Manjil: dear bro, that view still exists. The cafeteria doesn’t come as an obstacle in hat view.
    Have a close look at the picture. The place at the extreme right (at the end of my name, ie, on the three dots). Somewhere net to it, to its right exists the new cafeteria.

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