Lamentation from an Unprivileged Land!

Lamentation from an Unprivileged Land!

April 15, 2013 Off By Fried Guest

by Meenu Joshi


In this land of smoke and fire, the deathly stench of blood soaked mire.

Demonstrations in a land far away,

Effigies burnt down, voices frantic: “Love Peace” they say.

Here I lose an arm, my friend an eye…all the demonstrations, the peace a lie.

My sister raped, my children lost…raging war here, their peace’s cost.

The armless boy’s brother lying face down in dust…he was run over today, ground the colour of rust.

The friendly faces curse those mines,

Who’s to win as liquor overflows..blood for us, for them wines.

I kill, I murder, I shoot them blind…where’s my humanity, where’s humankind?

Her cloak in tatters, her life forlorn…a thirteen year old mother with a forced unborn.

As millions die, with eyes closed they pretend.

Is it the end of the war, or the world’s end.


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