Grooming oneself: Wearing A Watch

Grooming oneself: Wearing A Watch

April 15, 2013 Off By Kate Wilson



A watch is a necessary part of daily life. More important is the fact that one should have the right watch to match one’s appearance. A watch does have an impact on the personality and one should choose the same with care and vision.

Some key reasons as to why wearing the right watch improves your appearance:

1. Compliments the Wrist

Believe it or not, it is a reality that wearing the appropriate watch compliments the wrist in a perfect way. Be they men or women, the condition applies to both and a watch chosen with care does have a deep impact on the personality of the person. So choose your watch to wear, with care, and make you day better.

2. A Fashion Statement

It is true that watches for men and women alike have the capacity to make a fashion statement. If you choose a formal watch, people will take you to be a very sober person and will behave accordingly. If in case you decide to go in for a sports watch, you will appear as someone who can take things in their stride. Thus besides making a fashion statement, watches do have a binding effect on your personality and make others derive perceptions about you. Therefore, choose your watches with care and wear them with pride.

3. Tells about Status Too

Watches are status statements too… expensive watches reflect the financial well-being of a person and without saying a word they make others know of one’s financial and social worth. When one is thinking about going into some high end party or gathering, the best way to make one’s presence felt is to wear a matching watch that helps reflect the status. Without saying much one will be able to make their presence felt and be appreciated in the gathering.

4. Compliments the Dress

Watches compliment the dress too. Not only they add beauty to the dress but having a right watch makes heads turn in market and other social gatherings. People will appreciate your dress too, all thanks to the elegant watch that you have been wearing. Watches can also be used to tone down the dress in case the same is too loud or formal for the occasion.

5. A Professional Necessity

Watches can be a professional necessity too. If one has to appear for job interviews or attend some training related to some professional matter, watches can make all the difference. In fact having a appropriate watch has such a lasting effect that even if one is low in confidence, the appearance will over shadow this weakness and people present in the gathering will appreciate the efforts being put in by the person concerned to explain his or her position.

A perfect watch can make all the difference between success and failure. Choose your watch with care and ensure that you make for a perfect person, be you be attending a personal gathering or some professional exercise.

Choose the right watch and see the difference it makes to your appearance. The benefits will be for you to realize.

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Editor’s Note: Tempted? Girls, wear the thinnest platinum strap watches… and no jewelry- you would be the toast of the party. And you guys, we know a fake Rolex too!


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