Kisko Kitna Pata Hai 8

Kisko Kitna Pata Hai 8

June 15, 2014 Off By Fried Eye
  1. The river that do not flow in Bay of Bengal is __________________

a)      Narmada

b)      Mahanadi

c)      Godavari

d)      Kaveri


  1. Which one is not the tributary of Yamuna

a)      Chambal

b)      Son

c)      Betwa

d)      Parbati


  1. Sabarmati flows into _________________

a)      Thar desert

b)      Bay of Begal

c)      Arabian sea

d)      Luni


  1. Brahmaputra is known as ____________________in China

a)      Yellow river

b)      Male river

c)      Tsangpo

d)      None of the above


  1. Himalayan rivers are _______________

a)      Snow-fed rivers

b)      Water-fed rivers

c)      Rain-fed rivers

d)      None of the above


  1. Which city is not situated on the bank of River Ganga

a)      Allahabad

b)      Kanpur

c)      Patna

d)      Haridwar


  1. River Yamuna flows by which famous historical monument

a)      Taj Mahal

b)      Talatal ghar

c)      Jodhabai’s Palace

d)      Kanyakumari


  1. Which river is flowed in Vedic age

a)      Indus

b)      Saraswati

c)      Yamuna

d)      Ganga


  1. Which river is called Dakshina Ganga

a)      Tapti

b)      Narmada

c)      Krishna

d)      Godavari

  1. The Tribeni Sangam is in the confluence of Ganga, Yamuna and ________________________

a)      Mythological Saraswati

b)      Son

c)       Bhagirathi

d)      Gaumukh




1)      a.

2)      b.

3)      c

4)      c.

5)      a.

6)      a.

7)      a.

8)      b.

9)      a.

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