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This time we have brought a quiz for you with a difference. A simple, frothy , fun quiz to keep your kids engaged and entertained during the summer break and nothing heavy weight to tax your mind.Hope you like it and a happy quizzing!

A red house is made of red brinks, a blue house of made of blue bricks and a yellow house is made of yellow bricks, what is a green-house made of?


Bay of Bengal is in which state


You are on the 3rd place right now in a race. What place are you in when

you pass the person in the 2nd place?


Lee’s father emigrated from China. He has 5 children, La, Le, Li, Lo, what’s the last child’s name?


A plane crashes on the border of Canada and America, where do you bury the survivors?



Is it possible for two kids to be born on the same hour, day, month, year, and have the same parents, and not be twins, or not be adopted?



There is a big turtle. It I walking with a small turtle. The Little turtle is the big turtle’s son but the big turtle isn’t the dad. Who is the big turtle?


Jimmy’s peacock laid eggs in Jonny’s lawn. Whose egg they are?


There are 16 grapes in a tree. Tom took 12 of them. How many are left?


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