Editorial – Motherhood and more

Editorial – Motherhood and more

May 15, 2014 Off By Fried Eye



There is something about mothers and motherhood that is inexplicable. And you need not be a mother to agree to that. As the world celebrated Mother’s Day recently we could have not agreed more on the fact that one day is too less to say thanks to our mothers.

Keeping that though in mind, we salute all mothers and wish they stay beautiful. Keeping the spirit we have one beautiful first person piece by Sankhya Samhita as she expresses how a mother feels. A mother really is a superhuman. We also have some lovely pictures portraying the beautiful emotion of motherhood. These should take you back to your childhood when your mother nurtured you every moment. Could life be possible without them? Remember the times when you were scared and ran up to your mother to take refuge?

Talking about the scares of life, Mani Padma goes on a trip to Bhangarh – considered Asia’s most haunted place. And she comes back with a lesson worth the read. And of course some great photographs!

Also, as the world celebrates International day against homophobia and Transphobia. On May 17, we re-share with you a heart-warming tale of the transsexuals, and their lives as shared with Mani Padma.

To lighten up the mood we have a couple interviews from the film world. Newcomer Navdip Singh talks about turning an actor after playing international tennis and director Ananth Mahadevan assures that Himesh Reshammiya is going to bounce back!

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