Kisko Kitna Pata Hai – 6

Bihu is celebrated on a makeshift elevated stage in an open area called


The above is a picture of a common orchid found in Assam and flowers during the spring season. The Bihu dancers are seen to adorn their neatly made buns with this flower.  This flower is called kopou


This is an integral traditional instrument used during Bihu celebration while singing and dancing. This instrument is called



It  is an integral traditional instrument used during Bihu while singing and dancing and is called






The spring time festival  celebrated in Assam  is called


Different tribes in Assam celebrate spring festivals. Which one of the following match is / are correct

  1. Misings – Ali-aai-Lrigang
  2. Rabhas- Baishakh Domahi
  3. Hajongs of Goalpara- Levatona Bihu
  4. Bodos – Baisagu

During the festive season, gale occurs bringing torrential rain and storm, it is called


“lao kha, bengena kha, bosore bosore barhi ja/maar xoru, baper xoru, toi hobi bor bor goru—(eat gourd, eat brinjal, grow from year to year/your mother is small, your father is small, but you be a large one).  Here the subject  is referred to :-


Facts about Mulkoli Bihu

  1. It is performed in open fields
  2. It is not performed on stages
  3. The Bihu geets/ Bihu songs have themes of romance
  4. Golden silk or the Muga is worn during Mukoli Bihu

Which are  correct


Which is not a traditional instrument?


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