Swarming up to my spines,
The lusty fingers,
As I walk,
In the silent wind.
Singing the eternal elegies of life,
My mind crumbles with the bygone years,
Played in the tattered strings of seclusion,
Provoking my core with an enormous thrust,
Cracking up my heart with ablaze,
I can hear my blood seethe,
As I walk,
In the silent wind.
The fate of my survival,
The spill of the fiery memoirs,
Tormenting me brutally,
Stabbing my soul second by second,
Tears that streamed down my eyes,
Turned acidic today,
I hear them still bawling,
As I walk,
In the silent wind.

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One thought on “….IN THE SILENT WIND

  1. Though the central premise is beautiful I thought there was a word inconsistency.
    for example – Swarming conjures up locusts in a readers mind, and then you follow it up with lusty fingers – unless the object is abstract – poetically they seem a misfit.

    As I walk – with the silent wind or into the silent wind – would probably aide the flow.

    or If I am missing the point maybe you could educate me.

    into the silent wind I walk,
    the folds caress the embrace,
    flowing over my face,
    feeling my body shiver,

    with the silent wind I walk
    along walk pleasure and pain,
    a seething red and a blue rain,
    my life walks and soul rests,

    the silent wind prickles my skin,
    my heart ablaze and mind din,
    rage of twigs and flurrying leaves,
    shattered dreams a sea of heaves,

    the silent wind now speaks,
    dried tears on wet leaves,
    wind blows as life flows,
    tells me to keep walking
    towards the final gallows…

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