August 1, 2011 Off By Bhoothnath

Back again to my daily grind of foreseeing and predicting other’s fortune. You see, sighting and then understanding omens is no fun, if there is no pot of gold waiting for oneself. And Bhootnath has seen that the whole of the universe has conspired to not-grant him a pot of gold this time.

So back to the daily grind and here I go with my visions:

Aquarius: The  aqua male will do nothing substantial this fortnight or maybe he will feel that he has done nothing substantial  even if he has done it. An Aquarian male is hard to satisfy. Not to be taken literally aqua female will behave as properly as before or so she will think.

Pisces: Pisces male- your happiness quotient won’t change much and even if it does, you won’t notice it.
Pisces female- your fortnight will be like a river in spate. Calm on the outside, turbulent inside. But again others won’t notice it.

Aries: Aries male will be literally on toes. Maybe you should stop peeking over some one’s head. Since you hate this you will always attempt to be in the front. Aries female will be perfectly at ease with company while the same cannot be said when alone.

Taurus: no prediction is a bad one for you neither is anything good for you. That’s the advantage of being grounded.

Gemini:  A restless fortnight ahead of you. But you will enjoy every moment of the bone breaking, brain twisting, and extracting, agonizing time ahead. Now isn’t that fun?

Cancer:  Things will be terribly slow this fortnight but that is nothing new for you. Things would have been different if I said it will be beautiful for you, but yes you will have your sameness again

Leo: A fortnight that will be enlightening to you by something unpleasant. Maybe a betrayal, an injustice or anything

Virgo: Wrong things at the right time will change your fortunes for better or for worse. While the right things at the wrong time will just make things easier to remember.

Libra: Your outcome of the fortnight depends on how sincerely you wish things to be. If you want it to be as it is it will remain so.

Scorpio: Life is one long charade for you and it’s no different this time too. But there might be occasions when you will be curious as to what you really are.

Sagittarius: There will be major distractions and so work done by you will be minimum. Minor disagreement will turn into major issues.

Capricorn: You will be on a roll. You will be rolling here and there in search of peace, piece by piece.

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