February 1, 2011 Off By Bhoothnath

(Feb 1, 2011-Feb 14, 2011)

How outrageous people can be with discoveries. Now they have discovered a thirteenth sign? A thirteenth Zodiac sign is sure enough Signs of trouble to come and hence I refuse to waver from my Unbreakable faith in the sun signs and instead rely on the Sixth Sense of my potato gazing ball. So down with Friday the Thirteenth and hail The Twelfth Night. That was a poor joke!

Aries:- A Pretty woman or a Casanova will come into your contact. But don’t jump at his/her throat and be judgmental as if he was the Demon Barber of Fleet Street , rather you will be surprised to find that they are just misunderstood Goodfellas.

Taurus- There is no Shortcut to Happiness if you just sit and ruminate. In fact, its time for some action, if you don’t want your Lovely Bones to rot away, and what better month than February ,to start moving. Now don’t say Come September!

Gemini- What will you impress you my dear? A Roman Holiday? An evening at the Moulin Rouge? Or the Orient Express? Or you might say that Diamonds are Forever if you are a female. Try to be flexible and loosen up or the dream of a Perfect Date might be Gone with the wind!

Cancer – Things might not be going according to your plans lately but that doesn’t mean that your morale should sink down like the Titanic. Just perk up and Bark at the sun and say to yourself- Die Another Day!

Leo-Life is beautiful and the Butterflies are free. Yes! That’s exactly the frame of mind you are in. Ecstasy! This month will just be the icing on the cake for you and you will be floating in the Seventh Heaven.

Virgo- If you go for a makeover now, then people will really appreciate your new Avatar. So just shake off your Hangover of the previous year and with your Beautiful Mind and Monalisa Smile become the perfect Tourist and go places.

Libra – Ah! A very romantic fortnight for you. You will be in a very poetic state of mind and Twilight will be the best time to let the words loose. A nice way to make the person you love special, and make every day just like a First Date.

Scorpion – The girl or guy that you are trying to woo or dating since a long time is like Mission Impossible. Just let go of him or her and start afresh. You don’t have to remain in bondage of a relationship after all you were Born Free. You never know what lovely surprises the future may hold for you (except of course for me).

Sagittarius- The Gift that you will be receiving this month, no matter who the noble giver be will be like the Jewel in the crown of your prized possessions. So sport a lovely smile, no Face offs and with a Happy feet just Welcome each day and every person to your life. (at least for this month)

Capricorn- People will be appearing from your past which might make you want to rush Back to the Future. A relationship is all about Frequency and is not about Angels or Demons .So you don’t need a Da Vinci Code to crack the Secret about why a relationship might work or not. So let this be a lesson to you in future and just be yourself.

Aquarius- This month will be favorable for you romantically. You might get a note saying-.P.S.I love you . and if you don’t find it , then I am sure it has been written in Invisible ink.

Pisces- Ah my dear! You are a lucky Man , Woman and Child whatever! I see the number 300 in your prediction. It can be Rupees or roses or candies or a gift voucher or discount voucher of the same amount. Well a small catch! I don’t seem to see whether you are the recipient or the giver.


Well , that was all about your predictions for the fortnight. I am sure you have noticed many a movie name in your predictions. How about having some fun while knowing your predictions for the fortnight. See how many you can detect and let me know in the comment box. The one who answers correctly will receive a special FE Bhootnath T-shirt with your sun sign printed on it. Delivery only in India and please give a month time for delivery. There will be only one winner. In case of multiple correct answers, the winner will be decided by lots. The last date to receive entries is 15th Feb, 2011. The Winner will be declared on the 1st of March issue. So get cracking.

P.S- There are some duds too, to confuse you. Mentioning them will not be considered a correct answer.No negative markings. I won’t predict who the winner will be. He He!

Editor’s Note: The core members or their relatives cannot take part in this contest. However, they can submit their entries for fun.

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