Hobbies, anyone?

Hobbies, anyone?

February 15, 2014 Off By Fried Guest

By Meenu

When we first met, the one thing I and my husband agreed upon instantly was the importance of having a hobby; something you are really passionate about. The whole idea is to have a reason to forget your work once out of office and to spend time doing something you love. Something which could have been your career but thankfully it is not. Because many people can only love their hobbies till they do not have to do the same activity again and again, that too without being inspired.

The other day I gave the same advice to my brother and as expected, the question “why” was sent my way. My instant reaction was, “You are not going to have friends around forever. Nor would you want to be with people all the time. A hobby is going to be your reason and excuse to retreat from the world as well as reflect over it too.” So I further added, “Have a hobby for which you would not need to depend on another person. Having a hobby is not waste of time but a means to avoid wasting your time on mindless stuff.”

Having a hobby makes you keep learning the trait /art and that keeps the brain active. Also, the learning helps you gain confidence and a topic to talk about with like minded people. Most men bond so easily over drinks, cricket or politics. Same can be said about ladies when they discuss shopping, recipe, kids and the maids! These are not hobbies but you can imagine that having an idea about any art or skill does give you a chance to start a conversation. I personally
always admire people who are passionate and consistent with their interests, even if I have no
clue about that area. I did not know a word about cricket or politics when I met my husband. And today, his constant talks have made me a little aware of current affairs of the country while my hobby of reading has inspired him to read other genre and expand his views.

Many people consider discussions and having knowledge of a topic different from hobby. A hobby as per them is doing something, collecting something or creating something.  I kind of agree to this definition but I also believe that even gathering knowledge about a subject takes dedication and time. And I respect that. Also, having a hobby should never make one neglect one’s duties and the people around one. As with anything else, life is all about keeping balance between work and family, between family needs and your desires, between your hobbies and your partner’s hobbies. A hobby is meant to discipline, to keep your mind or body active, to add sunshine to any dull day and to help you cope up with your loneliness when needed. It never is a mean to act superior or bore others by talking constantly about your passion or forcing others to join you.

Have a hobby to keep yourself happy on your own. Spread it to people who might need it to have a purpose for living. Use it for a good cause and be blessed to learn more.

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