6 things to do if you’re a woman who doesn’t give a damn!

6 things to do if you’re a woman who doesn’t give a damn!

April 26, 2015 0 By Fried Guest
By Ms Bimbo Baggins


Ladies! Let’s admit it. Some of us have been little angels all our lives while some of us started out with promise, but the daredevilry fizzled out the moment our hormones stabilised. Now we’re older, more practical and inching towards a predictable (read:boring) middle age. Isn’t it time we shook things up a bit? There’s nothing that jacks up our confidence levels and puts some sassiness in our step like doing things we aren’t expected to. Things that’d shock the pants off our partners and make our bitchy aunties cringe! So let’s turn on the shock quotient and remember, if somebody asks you why, all you’ve got to say is, “Because I bloody can!”

Here’s a to- do list that’ll get you tagged ‘wildchild’ all over the place.


Bungee Jump-

Nothing spells ‘pure adrenaline rush’ like bungee jumping! This is how it goes- you’re standing on the edge, your guts are squirming, your knees are shaky, you curse yourself for getting into this in the first place. Just as you’re having serious second thoughts, your instructor gently nudges you to jump and    ‘AAAAOOOOOOOEEEEEEEAAAAAHHHHH’!!!

Lady! You’re now officially a lion heart! You’ve punched fear in the face and you feel so frickin’ AWESOME!!!





Shave your head-

We love our hair! We’d travel to the ends of the earth to get long, lustrous healthy locks. So, what I’m about to suggest could sound like blasphemy. SHAVE IT OFF! Imagine how liberating it’d be to go stark bald. No more shampooing, conditioning, colouring, straightening! No more bad hair days! Think about the look on your boss’s face. Or everybody else’s for that matter. I guarantee, guys will love your guts. And by the time your hair grows back, you’d have established yourself as a bonafide badasss. In case you need more convincing, check out these gorgeous women who totally rocked bald head look!


Bald and beautiful



Learn to ride a bike-

Leather boots. Check. Leather Jacket. Check. Aviators. Check. Attitude. Check. Need more reasons?

Bike Girl


Learn Pole dancing-

Yep! That’s right! Good girls would never think of doing something..errrm..so naughty, right? That’s exactly why you should flip your inhibitions the finger, book yourself into a class and pole dance your way to fitness. There’s nothing scandalous about the dance per se. It’s a form like any other. But, thanks to Hollywood, it does have shock value. Think of this scenario:

Nosey neighbour aunty: Where are you coming from beta? Gymming na?

You: No aunty. Dance class.

NNA: Achhcha! What dance? Hip hop?

You: No aunty. Pole dancing.

And watch her jaw drop!!!

Awesome, no??

Pole dance



Get a septum piercing-

We’ve all got piercings of some kind or the other but nothing beats the gorgeousness of a septum piercing. It’s edgy, it’s unconventional and it spells ‘rebel-chic’ like nothing else.

septum piercing


Open your home to strangers

WHAT?!! Am I suggesting that you welcome completely unfamiliar people into your living room, let them crash on your couch and maybe even cook for them? Absolutely! It’s called couch surfing and it involves allowing travellers to come and stay in your house and they’ll return the favour when you go to their country. There are websites that link you up with like-minded people. Their credentials are totally verified. So no worries there! The best thing about this is you get to make new friends from different cultures around the world. It’s a gutsy step, your neighbours will gossip, your mother will think you’re mad. But it’ll be totally worth it!!


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