10 things every man should do for his woman

10 things every man should do for his woman

April 15, 2015 0 By Fried Eye
By Miss IntelActual


Every woman dreams about having a partner who understands her and loves her for who she is. A man who can make her feel special. A man, who can show her, may be through small gestures, that she means the world to him. Here are ten things every man should do for his woman and make her thank her stars for having him in her life.

  1. Let her have some girl time. Once in a while take care of the kids and let the love of your life take a break. Ask her to take an outstation break with her friends and enjoy. Remember happy girls are pretty.

Girl time


  1. The champi. On a Saturday night, while watching your favourite series or movie give her the champi. There are ample stress relieving oils available in the market. Nothing is more relaxing than a champi from the man and that too which is absolutely free of cost.




  1. We know you hate shopping, but she does not. No woman does. Even if she claims that she has friends who know what looks best on her, opinion from her man can never go wrong. Yes, it is boring to stand outside the trial room, but as we said once in a while doing it is surely not an issue.

Couple on City Sidewalk with Shopping Bags


  1. Cooking a meal for her and rolling out the table. Yes, women like it when the guy takes the trouble to make that effort. Trust us; she would definitely not fuss about your food no matter how bad it is. For her, your efforts mean more than anything else.



  1. Appreciate her. Praising her in front of your friends and relatives (danger alert for your mom) is something which makes a lot of difference. The way she manages the house, kids and work is always appreciable, isn’t it?

Appreciting her


  1. A lesser known fact, but make sure you always satisfy your woman. In a healthy relationship a woman should never fake orgasm, if she does then there is something missing in it. You are not handling her probably the way you should.




  1. She might spend unnecessarily on her clothes and shoes, but that does not mean you would undermine her when it comes to taking important decisions, like which car to buy, where to holiday or even the insignificant ones like where to eat. Her opinion matters, yes!

her opinion matters



  1. Listen to her. She doesn’t need your advice always neither is she asking for a solution. Women love to discuss about their colleagues, work, friends. All you need to do is just listen, remember many times it is extremely difficult to understand which side to take and so to be on the safer side, just listen!

Listen to her


  1. Never Lie. Never, ever. If you want to spend time with your friends over a glass of beer or need to meet an old female friend. Just tell her. The fact that you tell her makes all the difference. This way you also encourage her to tell you everything.



  1. Never compare! Worst is comparing her culinary skills with that of your mother’s. Yes, do not forget your mother’s cooking versus your girlfriend’s. Twenty years from now she would too cook like the way your mom does.

Never Compare


Respecting her for what she is the most important gift a man can give his woman. Respect her for what she is and what she isn’t.

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