10 Reasons To Watch Gandhi:The Musical

10 Reasons To Watch Gandhi:The Musical

October 26, 2017 0 By Fried Eye Research Team

Gandhi: The Musical has successfully mesmerised the audiences over three seasons. It has been a spectacular success every time it was performed and we explain the reason behind that. Here are ten reasons for you to watch this musical extravaganza on the next possible opportunity.

  1. Thrice The Charm: Just the fact that the play is back with its third season, owing to huge public demand, is testimony enough that it’s a must watch. So those of you who missed out on it last time, here’s your chance to relive history.
  1. Patriotic Passion: India will be celebrating its 70th year of Independence this August 15 and there can’t be a better way than this to keep up with the patriotic milieu.

  1. Broadway Style Musical: Gandhi: The Musical is one of the few Indian plays which have successfully been able to match the standards of Broadway, giving theater lovers a chance to enjoy the highest level of music and theatre combined, in their own country.
  1. Story And Screenplay: The play follows the extraordinary journey of a remarkable man from being Mohandas to Mahatma and his ‘Experiments With Truth’. The play doesn’t glorify Gandhi but it touches upon the mind of Mohandas and the making of the Mahatma.The makers have trimmed the screenplay and have made it crisper thus, ensuring that it becomes an even more exhilarating experience for the viewers, like the last season.

  1. Splendid Scale: The play is mounted on a grand scale and the makers have used state of the art technology and have made elaborate sets for the musical extravaganza.
  1. Power-packed Performances: The play boasts of some of theater world’s most sought-after actors and all of them received rave reviews for delivering outstanding performances, in the past two seasons. The third season has a special surprise as director Danesh Khambata himself will be essaying the role of the aged Gandhi.
  1. Live Singing And Original Music: The actors add soul to the show by singing live on stage. The musical presents Mahatma Gandhi’s remarkable life through 14 original songs, which have been composed by Nariman Khambata and Rahul Pais and Dawn Cordoh has arranged the music.

  1. Dhamakedaar Dialogues: The dialogues pack a solid punch and Gandhi’s witty one-liners will have you in splits.
  1. Captivating Choreography: The musical’s nine dance sequences, which have been choreographed by Berwyn D’Souza, will leave you enchanted.

  1. Fun History Lessons: If History bores your kids, then this will be an interesting way to take them back in time and teach them about the making of Mahatma the leader, who shaped the destiny of an entire nation.



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