Website Find: The Incredible Egg

Website Find: The Incredible Egg

April 14, 2018 0 By Pramathesh Borkotoky

At the very onset of the article, let me tell you that although I can cook various kinds of foods but I am pathetic when it comes to egg. I am sure, many of us still struggle to make an omelette. Infact, I consider it to be a sign of a perfect day if there is milk in the refrigerator and the omelette comes out well. Google being the solution of all our problems, I was looking for an easy way to make an omelette when I found this website by the American Egg Board.

The website, The Incredible Egg is fully dedicated to eggs. You can find egg recipes, various nutritional knowledge about eggs, various good production process practices and a blog. It also provides knowledge about the various types of eggs and how to keep the hens comfortable to get good quality eggs. It also encourages people to start eating eggs by having a section on the nutritional value and the cholesterol myths of the egg.

Basic French Omelet. Photo courtesy: American Egg Board


It is a very interesting site because it also gives an idea to farmers around the world to keep them up-to-date with world standards. I love eggs in almost all of their forms, baked, poached, fried, scrambled, frittattas, etc. Eggs are one  of the most healthiest things you can have and the best part is that you eat it any time of the day. This site has a special section on various recipes of eggs. I was flabbergasted with the number of egg recipes the site features. The site has features from the most sophisticated recipes to the simplest of the recipes we have known. You will find everything from tips on storing & testing for freshness to getting that perfect sunny side up fried egg. Also, some microwave wisdom on how to cook eggs in microwave oven.

Classic Deviled Egg. Photo courtesy: American Egg Board