Bachelor’s Mutton Bhayankari

Bachelor’s Mutton Bhayankari

May 15, 2013 0 By Wise Bachelor

Fried Eye- An experimentation resulted in Frankenstein’s monster. Another experimentation gone wrong created the Invisible man, but still people experiment. Some are a success , some failures and some totally outrageous. What will our experiment result today? Wise Bachelor resurfaces with this experiment on flesh, not what you think, rather a recipe on mutton.

So in keeping with the theme, we have Bachelor’s Mutton Bhayankari , perfect for those bachelors who have to cook their own food and which comes with the rider – Prepare at your own risk





1. Mutton: 250 g
2. Onions- 3-4
3. Garlic: 2
4. Curd: 2 Table Spoon
5. Potato: 3 each cut into 4 pieces
5. Spices: Meat Massala (10 g), Maggi Masala Magic (10 g), Jeera Powder (10 g), Turmeric Powder (5 g)
6. Salt : To Taste
7. Capsicum: 3
8. Oil


1. Chop Onions
2. Grind Garlic along with a teaspoon of Meat Masala to make a paste.
3. Chop Capsicum
4. Marinate mutton with the spices along with Chopped Onions, Garlic Paste, Potato, oil (1 Tablespoon) and Curd for 5-10 minutes.
5. Heat 1 Table spoon in the Kadai and fry Capsicum.
6. Add the marinated Mutton to the kadai and keep stirring for about 20 minutes. (If you are able to simmer the flame than the cooking time may go upto 25 mins).