Eternal Dream

August 1, 2010 Off By Tinam Borah

Early this morning, I had a dream
Lonely, on a moonlit night,
I was waiting, for you…
Thinking, when shall the day break?
The first rays of the sun would bring in
A new brightness, a new hope,
Perhaps, I would see you then…
Playing hide and seek
In between the darkness,
And the silver rays of the moon…

There was a moment
When I thought I had seen you,
But then, again, I was let down
It was only a figment of my imagination…

You know, even the Moon gave up
It could not stand your silly game
It left me alone, facing the empty sky,
Buried in the darkness… again…

Today, I stand alone, totally alone
And you did not come to see me
Not even once…
To bring a smile on my face
You were not there…
Once again, the dream came to an end
And the bright sun of hope had set…
When will you come, to me, with promises?
Like the Moon, with a group of stars and beautiful dreams?
I shall wait
Forever, if needed…
This dream holds me together
This, is my dream
An eternal dream…

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