March 15, 2014 Off By Fried Eye

If our site today looks like a veritable program card of some multistarrer show or performances, please do not be surprised  You will cease being surprised if we reveal the theme for today as Dance and performing arts, however a single issue or an edition of a magazine is just too less a space to discuss a subject as interesting and vast as dance and performing arts.

We have tried to incorporate the theme as much as possible, even as we discuss subjects of current relevance. In fact the relevance and the message shines through each of the articles so clearly and in a lucid manner, that one doesn’t need a separate editorial to convey a collective message at all.

Our articles do say it all , whatever we should say at this juncture.

So we have a dedication to the strength call womanhood in our conversation with esteemed Dr Sonal Mansingh;

A feature on ballet and one of the pioneers as far as ballet scenario in India is concerned, Mr Fernando Aguilera;

A thought provoking analysis on the rise and impending debacle of India’s most revolutionary political party of current times;

A satire on the upcoming polls and many more…

So I hope our colorful literary ‘repertoire’ this edition keeps you entertained and on your toes through out the fortnight.

A happy Holi from the whole of the Fried Eye team.


Editor Fried Eye

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