October 1, 2013 Off By Fried Eye

Reason to cheer. The petrol prices should be decreased by a couple of rupees in the next few days. Is that not a fabulous news? We wish we could bring you such news with every issue. Alas! That is not a possibility. So our attempt is to keep you entertained…

This issue is no different. Attempt is to bring out certain aspects of life that could make you value what you have. So you have Mani Padma’s piece bringing out unknown aspects of a eunuch’s life. Then we have Victor Mukherjee looking into why being Subodh is important. And then of course the Mom on Tenderhooks keep us glued to the emotions of a mother to be… And once you are done with the realities, you can escape into the fantasies… dream of going scuba diving in Oman!

Talking of entertainment, Local Kung Fu released on September 27 to fabulous response. Of course there were people who tried playing spoilsport, but the audience made all the difference. That’s special for us as Local Kung Fu is the first film Fried Eye chose to associate as Media Partners. We believed in the film and the audience’s reaction affirmed that our judgement was not wrong. Fried Eye shall look at promoting quality films in future too. And we shall attempt to keep your faith!

Here’s to great times ahead. And hope you have a great time reading this issue. And as ever, wait for your comments ad feedback!

Yours sincerely

Noyon Jyoti Parasara

Issue Editor

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