June 16, 2013 Off By Fried Eye

Even as this post is being typed out, we in Fried Eye stand as poor victims of the two super-powers of today- Bijuli Devi and Internet Baba. If some of us are unable to access the internet to hit the ‘publish’ button on our website, the ones who do have a decent internet connection, do not have electricity at home, thus delaying the publication by almost a whole day. And to add to the frustration, can the scorching, annoying, unbearable summer heat be forgotten?
When the temperature hits 10 degree Celsius, we grunt about how severely cold it is. And when it hits 40, we are still complaining. Quite a bunch of complaining creatures we are, aren’t we? Well, why should we not? After all, is it our fault that it the weather plays havoc with us by stretching out its wings to the extreme ends leaving us to suffer ice-cold winters and burning hot summers? It is supposed to be the responsibility of the one sitting ‘up-there’ to control and balance the temperatures, isn’t it? Or is it our responsibility? Let’s think about it…
Had we planted enough trees for every tree that had been cut down; had we taken enough care of our environment when we could; had we been more considerate while exploiting our natural resources, today we might not have had to face such a situation. A tree in time might have probably saved the 9 lives that became victim to the intolerable summer heat in Assam recently.
All of this might sound as good advice to some, a word of warning to a few, but for most it definitely sounds like a boring lecture. Who wants to read such stuff in such hot weather? Well, please pardon and spare us. We think, the heat must have gotten into our heads too. Being ‘fried’ is what we are right now.
Try reading this issue. It might give you a reason to cool down. Happy summers.
-Team Fried Eye

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