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I want to start by wishing you all a very happy Diwali. Diwali is undoubtedly the most welcomed festival by us children. After all, we get holidays from school. Then there is no need to make excuses for having sweets every other minute and above all who can miss the joy of burning crackers and watching the amazing light show in the night sky afterwards. Yes yes, I know the pollution it causes, but then if we can pardon you adults for going to the office everyday in your own car and not the bus then surely you can forgive us for one day of fun.

This edition is all about children so I feel that I should write something about our lives. So here it goes…

A typical day in our lives begins with the horrid sound of the alarm clock at 6 am. I wonder which maniac came up with its idea! Then follows the tedious task of taking a bath, brushing and some other business…well you get the idea. All that getting ready, definitely gets you late and leaves you with the option of rushing with your breakfast in one hand and tie in another, running after the school bus. It’s the time when you realize that the school bus is that vehicle which runs twice as fast when you are after it as when you are in it. By some luck we manage to hop inside the bus and reach the school.

The only joy, is meeting up with friends. Although we meet every day, we still have loads to chit chat about. Whether it be a status on FB, a new song/movie trailer or how Pankaj Sir of economics dozed off in the bus. Then the periods begin and the teachers come into the class with a tired smile plastered on their faces, conjuring up new ways to vex us. Ok I know that is overstating it a bit, but then some cause happiness wherever they go and others whenever they go. For the children, the Teachers are usually the latter. And that is exactly the reason why we love the five minutes break after the Science teacher leaves and before the English teacher comes in or if we manage to muster up enough courage, bunking the History period is an utter bliss. On and on our classes go on but then at one-thirty school finally comes to an end. Just reaching the school gate from the top floor through the stairs is a roller coaster ride. You just need to stand in one place and the rest is taken care of by the pushing and shoving to move you downstairs.

After reaching home, it is again the homework. We have to write “short” notes on totally absurd topics, which aren’t exactly short, considering we have to “research on the topic thoroughly before hand”. But then Internet zindabad! Copy a line from here and one from there. It is funny how teachers consider copying from one site as plagiarism and from many as research. Well anyways that is how the day comes to an end.

Yeah…life sucks! Don’t we have anything better to do than mug up for exams? And this is what we will always say. But many have told me that you miss these school days and the teachers even, the most when you grow up and start thinking about money, jobs and other boring stuff. So I am trying to make most of it even though if it means annoying the teacher by talking in between class, or stating every bizarre excuse for not submitting the homework.

Well anyways I can go rambling on… so I will just stop and hope you enjoy the edition.




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