June 1, 2012 Off By Editor

Summer is here and I see life around me dragging their tired souls as well as soles, carrying on somehow in the heat of things, managing and surviving. Not the picture that we had when we were kids and used to look forward for the exciting summer vacations, which used to mean two months of energy and wholesome fun. But now that the age of innocence is gone, there are no more vacations , no more fun, only the summer remains with the heat intensifying each year. Maybe we will survive the Mayan prediction , maybe not, but is it necessary to die a thousand deaths before dying actually? Where have the summer spark gone? Le’ts be alive again. Let us not let the heat or the fuel get to us. There are numerous ways to be alive all over again. It might be a hobby , a passion, your hidden talent for an art form, a secret wish,or just indulging your senses with the finer forms of creative expression. ¬†This summer make it all come alive again. Create your own beautiful real world away from the harsh realities of survival and start living all over again.

This issue we have subtly included about certain activities that may interest you and manage to induct you into it. Who knows we ight be having a future artist or writer amongst us. So enjoy the summer and just chill!



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