September 1, 2011 Off By Editor

After days of darkness and gloom, things seemed sunnier for Fried Eye this issue, first with the cheer and good will of Eid followed by Ganesh Chaturthi. The last few days too spelled hope amongst the people- first with the victory of People over Dictatorship in Libya and then, not the least in our own deadlock over the Janlokpal Bill. Maybe life is cyclical indeed!

Speaking of Eid , reminded me of an incident in my life long back which I would like to share , if you will excuse my being personal here. There was this muslim employee at my father’s chemist shop who as expected had taken leave on Eid, but had conveniently forgotten to invite us, much to my disappointment at an event which I had been looking forward to eagerly.

When he returned from his leave, I like a petulant child had asked him as to why he had not invited us over , to which he replied amazed, “but I thought you would not like to come and might get offended if I asked”. I had wailed in dismay back then that “you could have asked at least”.

This sentence that “you could have asked” is something that kept recurring in life all around me in all sorts of scenario. A sentence that surely meant that somewhere, there remained a communication gap between people.

Many a times we assume and hold back what we have to say, when speaking up then, would have bridged gaps between two hearts, two people or even saved someone. We are afraid of rejection, of being misunderstood and most importantly of not being listened to, hence we stop ourselves from speaking up. We feel afraid to speak about our love; We are afraid to speak up against injustice; We are apprehensive to speak up for someone and express our opinions; We are shy to speak of ourselves lest we are ignored but then if we remain silent, we will never ever  be heard. You might counter here that many a time our voices are not heard  and I agree with that , but if we continue with our attempts we will surely be heard.If a lone voice is lost among the chaos, a collective voice will definitely be heard loud and clear.

So speak up. Let the world know more about you and how you feel. Some one somewhere will certainly listen.


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