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Do you have those strange urges when you just don’t feel like struggling ? When you would just like to lie down and stare ahead doing nothing? When nothing excites you to laugh or  fight? When the fight for survival  seems so meaningless that you just don’t even want to try? When trying hard doesn’t make any sense just because it isn’t needed or because it is so much needed that whatever zeal you have just don’t seem enough? Well it just means that you are either completely satiated in mind, body and soul or there is a hunger , a want, a need that just hasn’t been addressed. But the irony remains that we never reach a level of complete satiation so as to become defunct and the hunger gets us only in our death. Maybe that is a way of nature to keep us lively while alive.

Call it food for your body or your soul but it certainly is one of the most basic and vital element for our existence. Food speaks a lot about the person it feeds. Food reflects the culture , tradition and principles of a particular group , ethnicity, country.

15th September marks the anniversary of our food desk and so we have themed our this issue  on the many aspects of food in our lives. Sanzeeta , my co editor today and our very own in charge of food desk  has been responsible along with Pramathesh Borkotoky, our Editor in Chief, for bringing about a refreshing change and adding a colorful and delicious look to our e zine. So I would like to pass on todays ‘editorial baton ‘ to her for some food for thought. Hope you enjoy the bites and bytes.

Mani padma

Executive Editor

Fried Eye

 *** A Letter from the Food Editor ***

Dear Readers

                  Everyone in North-East India has a tale to share about a summer fruit, fooding  traditions at your family reunion or a  baking or cooking contest, the best in local wines, or the best bites in a restaurant. North- East India is a melting pot that blends east and west food culture. In this part of civilization, every little of something exists. For all those who romanticizes with food, this part of India is to be relished with English aromatic pies, smoked meats, stews, rustic barbeques, fresh vegetables, berries or simply indulge  at the sight of smokes puffing away from the roof top as the sun sets in.

On this anniversary issue of Food Desk in Fried Eye, I would like to say that the journey has been a quite a Catch 22 situation at parts. Revealing the mind of a cook has not been as simple as it seemed. There had been incredibly talented people who expressed their passion by creating food flavors, who were obsessively immersed in decorating food- writing the secret traditional recipes, expressing that foodie feeling in their own ways but in the end, every publication had been a spicy mix-match broth of the challenge of  transforming a simple idea to making it a delightful food memory  and experimentation on favorite meals for picky eaters.

This issue we celebrate the first anniversary with some incredible features for our readers to understand and have a peep into the culture of People in North-East India with the lesser know chili in India, the Bird Eye chili, the famous-ly ubiquitous recipe of momo, and an exposition to fermented soyabean , and a common spice  pas ( panch ) poron which is found in most household in Brahmaputra valley,Mealtime Musing makes makes nostalgic moves  with doctor’s advice on food habits for diabetic individuals to name a few.

Finally we wish our readers  some delightful reading and many more.


Food Desk in Charge

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