August 1, 2011 Off By Editor

Just a couple of days back, I came across an article in The Times of India that reported a blooper made by Indira Gandhi National Open University (IGNOU) in its online application form, listing Nagaland as a country. Like every other sensitive and emotional resident of North East, I too made it a point to fret about the fact that the North-East region is indeed given less importance by the rest of the country, such that more than half the people of India do not know common and basic facts about the region. But then, isn’t it a part of our own responsibility to promote more and more about the culture of our region until the rest of the country, particularly the centre, stops making blunders as such?  In this issue, we in Fried Eye are making a similar effort by presenting a travel article on Nagaland as one of our specials.

While discussing the editorial for this issue, two things kept popping into my head constantly. Two special days in the month of August which mean a lot to a lot of people in our country: Friendship’s Day and the day of Raksha Bandhan when sisters tie a Rakhi on their brothers’ hand and in turn, the brothers promise to protect and love them always. Both these occasions look like they are all about tying a band/thread on the hand of someone you love, be it a friend or a brother. But, it is actually so much more than that. The emotions attached to the tying of a simple band can be very special, which can be comprehended only by a true friend, and a person who has had the privilege of having a loving brother or a sister. And, fortunately, I am one of those.

As I sign off, I wish all our fried readers a very happy Friendship’s day and renew out promise to be a friend for life, trying our utmost to bring them exotic flavors of life every single time. Till next time, keep frying, friends!

–          Tinam Borah

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