March 15, 2011 Off By Editor

Dear Readers,

It is Holi season once again. A season celebrated with gaiety as the harbinger of life and prosperity. How dear these ever elusive words sound. Especially in the aftermath of the tragedy that has engulfed Japan in the past few days- a tragedy whose effects will be felt the world over in several ways for several years to come. It is strangely unsettling that a season associated with joy, renewal and vibrancy should bring in such ravaging destruction and despair. (Not that disaster of any magnitude has an appropriate season). It is my hope that even as some of us momentarily forget what is happening in the world around us and immerse ourselves in the celebration of the festival of colours this weekend, some of us will yet remember Japan and all the affected people in our sincere prayers. A calamity of this magnitude should not be dismissed from our minds in the face of the daily “stresses” this month bring to us in the form of annual examinations, annual closings, tax calculations and what have you. Nor should it be washed away callously with the last dregs of celebratory bhang.

May the coming festival bring us the colours of hope, togetherness and fortitude.

Greetings to everyone for a phaguun that will usher in the blessed colours of peace, harmony and happiness.


Radhika Baruah
Fried Eye

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