January 1, 2010 Off By Editor

When a new dawn breaks, hope rains dewdrops on little blades of grass

The wet earth basks in the golden warmth ready for a new beginning.

Owing to this dawn our fragile dreams past, present and future,

We step out into the unknown; knowing just our beliefs and convictions…

Dear Readers,

It is New Year time- time for reflections on the year gone by, time for some resolutions and, of course, time for new beginnings. The year gone by has been a memorable one for us at Bamboo Lounge and January 2010 begins with new hopes- the most auspicious being Fried Eye which begins its journey today.

At the very outset let me introduce Fried Eye to you. Fried Eye is an experimental e-venture by a bunch of youngsters from the Northeast who believe in the region’s unique and complex multi-cultural identity. As the name itself suggests, what we say or see is not new but we believe we need newer perspectives to the mundane and the everyday.More importantly, we need to accommodate the ways in which the youth of today likes to see things around them. And that is precisely what we hope this magazine will allow space for. We hope that the magazine emerges as a compendium of insights from all fields of life.

It is with great pleasure that we offer before you the inaugural issue of FriedEye. In this maiden issue, revisit Guwahati with Ajatasatru . Get acquainted with green technology through environmental developer Gerard Pde and relive the experiences of filmmaker Bidyut Kotoky’s journey as he reminisces the making of as the River flows… .Tanmoy evokes the spirit of Fried Eye in his poem while Jumi’s verse evokes the experience of a regeneration. In the Children’s Section we feature Sneha, a talented young writer from Carmel School, Jorhat. Hashan shares his New Year experience with us in Random Take while Mani Padma urges us to stop and reflect about the plight of the less fortunate around us through her thoughtful piece in 55 Fiction. In addition, we bring to you the first pages from the new diary of a young lady who has granted us access to her inner world on conditions of anonymity. Besides, do not forget to sneak peak into the column of the Wise Bachelor who is determined to help mankind with ready answers to any query his readers may have.

As you journey through the eclectic palette of Fried Eye we hope every page that greets you emerges a treat for the eye and the mind. Happy Reading !

With warm regards,

Myra B
(on behalf of the Fried Eye team)

We welcome your comments at letters@friedeye.com