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Dear Readers,

Ramzan has started and Muslims all over the world begin their month-long abstinence today. Fasts are kept from dawn to dusk as a means of mental and physical self-purification. During this month, a Muslim renews his pledge to be virtuous, to abstain from sins and clear the heart of hatred and ill will. Ramzan brings us closer to the spiritual essence of our being and preaches to us the virtues of brotherhood, fraternity and communal harmony. It also involves engaging in charity to benefit those among us who are less fortunate.

Ramzan is a month of introspection and it puts into perspective the many petty squabbles and stand-offs in our lives, be it social or political, that can and should be overcome. Imbued with the spirit of accommodation and sacrifice, we hope the political parties of our country can set aside their differences and engage in healthy dialogue that will be fruitful for the nation.  The month of Ramzan also teaches us that any form of vice can be controlled with our will power. Let us all embrace the spirit of Ramzan and seek out the humanitarian principles of equality and fraternity regardless of what religion we follow.

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