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April 15, 2012 Off By Fried Eye Research Team

A fore note–  Though we love to spread good will and cheer among you all, we also endeavor to bring before you opinions or write up on any matter of social or political relevance . So though Spring (our theme this time) is a time for rejoicing and everything new we would like to share a matter of utmost importance…hence this article……


During our random search about any thing on Spring , we came up with the word Spring Fever and that led us on to here. Please don’t be fooled. This has very little to do with lovers or fever as in Malaria, instead it is a clear cut case of Spring time blues (yes, just like the winter blues)or spring time depression, but our matter of concern is not secluded to Spring fever only, rather it encompasses or attempts to encompass, a greater concern.


But first let us share with you some depressing facts about err… Depression, for that is our cause of concern in this beautiful lovely time of Spring. You are happy, pleased, hopeful , eager , …but some of you out there might not be, which is a serious matter. A very, very serious matter.

So first the facts, just in case you do not agree with us about Depression being a matter of concern


  • Depression is common, affecting about 121 million people worldwide.
  • Depression is among the leading causes of disability worldwide.
  • Depression can be reliably diagnosed and treated in primary care.
  • Fewer than 25 % of those affected have access to effective treatments

At the worst Depression may lead to suicides, a tragic fatality associated with the loss of around  850000 lives every year.

(statistics- courtesy WHO)


And that  we guess cuts a very grim figure.  This is not a scientific discourse on the features,causes or treatment or even the pathophysiology. Rather this article is about the approach to the commonest problem of the world. We in Fried Eye felt that more than writing in detail about it, which we are sure will be found in numerous well written articles over the net, it is the approach that should be dealt with.

Depression is so universal that each one of you out there must have encountered it, in your life or maybe in some one’s who is near or dear to you. Everyone from eight to eighty year old may have suffered a bout of depression or may have been suffering from it periodically since a long time, But usually other than a frown of concern or a sigh or maybe a pep talk ,or at the most a shopping spree or a movie, we do nothing. No, this is not a How To article, because it is not that trivial to be dealt by a step by step manual .

It is simply a problem that needs an acknowledgement and a determination to do some thing about it , be it yours or some one else’s.

Why do something about it, you might ask. Because it is discomforting for one , but most importantly you would not like losing yourself or someone you love to the disease , physically or in mind, will you? Would you want your desire to live life fully be sapped away gradually by a state of mind? Yes there is a complete chance of losing oneself to it if neglected , in ways more than one- all horrible, where as timely help will make a big difference in the outcome and recovery.

And take our word , you will acknowledge it only when you  will be able to identify it. It is easier to admit that you are depressed yourself, rather than identifying the same in others while ironically it is easier to advise someone that he or she needs help rather than admitting that about yourself.  So what we have is a catch 22 situation.We know when we are depressed but we are not ready to accept that we might be needing help; We know that we need to advise help to others but that too is not done as we are simply blind to the signs of other’s depression. Or maybe the rat race of todays world hardly leaves us in a state to see things less cynically. Maybe our stigma on mental disease is one of the reason, but depression is not madness and again insanity isn’t something to be scorned or be in denial . Half the job is done by simply seeing , understanding and acknowledging that help is needed.

Though being a  support and comfort helps, but mostly it might not. Though there is an underlying reason for depression, mostly it might not have. Though it might be a singular episode but in all probability it might be a long standing one. Whatever be the type , frequency, the signs cannot be ignored. No matter how tiring or exasperating it might be to deal with one, you cannot shut your eyes and leave it like that hoping it to pass away on its own for though it passes off by itself, at times, it usually remains.

Many a times we may feel that we can deal it ourselves. Many a times we believe in unburdening ourselves as a solution but not necessarily, is that a remedy. Sometimes it is beyond ourselves , beyond our humble means to get things right and that is when we need to acknowledge that we need help and a determination to come out of it. We need to ask for help. Asking isn’t a sign of helplessness, a weakness rather in a twisted away it is in fact a show of strength that you are determined , that you are ready to fight it with some help of course. Taking help does not make you sick or invalid in any way. It just means that you still have a will to live in your own terms and to get well soon.


Mostly it gets ignored because we choose to ignore it both in ourselves and in others. And often it gets ignored because we do not know what to do next. If it is causing discomfort or disabling your life in any way then it needs to be dealt with in priority basis.  Even WHO stresses on the mental health in its definition of health. Hence your psychological well being is as important as your physical well being. Please don’t ignore the signs however trivial or irrational it may seem. And once you have realised it please don’t hesitate to just reach out for help.. for yourself, for your friends.


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