Beauty and the Best

Beauty and the Best

January 1, 2014 Off By Miss Cellany

This is in defense of all the beautifying devices and gadgets that are sold in the markets and that which are condemned by all neo thinkers and radicals. This is not a sponsored post and I have not been promised a year’s supply of fairness cream nor have I been promised any title of the best looking of online trash writers, but never the less I will have my say and say loud and clear in favour of those beauty products.

Beauty is skin deep you say, but skin again is the most superficial of all and the first to attract your attention at the first sight. So, as you all know that a thing of beauty is a joy forever, it is imperative in my humble opinion to attempt to provide that joy to your fellow beings.

Alright, imperative is a bit farfetched but surely I would say that it ain’t a big deal if someone pays attention, a far lot in fact, to look good. What is bad in that? Why not even obsessively if you are in the beauty business or the glamour world? Like you are a model or an air hostess- so what is so wrong in trying to achieve perfection by looking your best? Aren’t we taught to pursue perfection in whatever we do?

It is a truth; beauty does strike a person at the first instance. If the anatomy and physiology of our body is constituted in such a manner that it is stimulated by the perfect symmetry of some one’s nose, the fullness of her lips and hips, the jet black hair, the rosy hue or any other physical attributes, artificial or real that might make our heads turn, then why the duality about the stand regarding the importance of beauty and appearance.

What is so un-intellectual about taking an hour of your twenty four hours and trying to utilize that in sprucing and pruning up?

And now I am sure you will throw me your ace of “inner beauty”!

Yes I agree, inner beauty is the final factor that touches a person; the x factor that forms your whole equation finally.

If your superficial beauty is the one that attracts, then inner beauty or the beautiful person that you are is the one thing that holds the attention.

While superficial beauty might hold true for an hour, a day, a month maybe- it’s the person within that holds, binds for a lifetime!

Yes correct you are but you haven’t clinched the argument yet.

Inner beauty is fine. Inner beauty is divine. Inner beauty is supreme. And one could write reams.

But how do you make them see or rather search for the inner beauty in you if they don’t even look at you. Or even know that you exist?

You might try to make the world see your way, you might try to change the way the world views you, but you cannot control the reactions. You cannot control how one feels!

Many a times, we miss out on genuine persons or we are late in realizing their worth for the simple reason that they failed to make an impact appearance wise at the first glance.

Inner beauty, intelligence and wit finally come forth on their own, but they need opportunity, meetings, and conversations and most importantly time! Who has so much time nowadays? Who gives the time? Who cares to give a damn?

So it’s a war to catch their attention! To grab the eyeballs!

And as they say all is fair in love and war…so load up on that fairness cream

If inner beauty is the soul, your appearance is the window to the soul. And there is no harm really if you put fancy curtains in your window, wash the panes and hang some beautiful flower pots and make it attractive. Isn’t that the whole point of the ‘decoration’ business- that of beautifying? If inanimate objects can be painted a new and a fresh, then why not the animated us?

Hence to all the dissenters to the above, beauty is skin deep no doubt, but beauty again lies in the eyes of the beholder, so why take a chance? Who knows what the eyes of the beholder may seek!


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