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Come as you are,
To the unpoised soul;
Leaving no traits,yet undone
Like the everflowing river,
To show waterfalls too care:
For its canopied share.

Come as you are,
to the insane paradox;
Sweeping against all land
Like the skilful wind,
To prove even drizzles spare:
For the upcoming fare.

Come as you are,
to the pessimist wisher;
Fearing all that yet to be waiting
Like the gorgeous gladioli,,
In the fields of shemoli:
To tell by the unbounded love
that you filled my heart with,
Is beyond,
my ultimate desire!

Come as you are;
With garlands of your fragrant love to share.

-Maharnab Hazarika
Class X
Don Bosco school, Tezpur

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