Circalit join with Ether Books to bring short story competition to the iPhone.

March 1, 2011 Off By Fried Eye News Service

Circalit, the new crowd-sourcing platform for writers, has joined with mobile publishers, Ether Books, to launch a short story of the week competition. The winning short story each week will be available to read for free on the Ether Books phone app.

Anyone can enter a short story in the competition for free and the public can vote on their favourites. If you wish to submit a short story or vote for one, start by creating a free account at

The competition aims to reignite the public’s interest in short stories. Ether Books are a leading mobile publisher who specialize in publishing short fiction and have published original content from many famous writers and celebrities including Hilary Mantel, Sir Paul McCartney, Lionel Shriver and Fay Weldon amongst others.

Raoul Tawadey, CEO of Circalit, said, “ This competition is a great way for everyone to engage with literature, whether reading and supporting your favourite short stories or writing your own. Short stories are quick to read and write, well-suited to a mobile readership and we hope that everyone will take part in the new short story revival.”

About Circalit
Circalit is a platform which allows film producers, publishers, agents and other industry professionals to crowd source new literary talent. Launched in mid 2010, Circalit enables writers to receive feedback, build a network, and enter free writing competitions, and industry professionals to tap into the talent pool of rising stars. Circalit’s aim is to unearth new literary talent and connect writers with peers and industry professionals.

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