Portal into world(s)

Portal into world(s)

July 16, 2014 0 By Fried Guest

– Aavika Dhanda

I have a portal to a different world. A portal into all forms of tenses of time, all spheres of life and havens unexplored yet. Its easiness to access creates a picture itself. Everyone around me knows about it.

Yesterday, I opened one such gate. I walked five steps and got into a different city. Two more steps and I found myself into a village. A river, I remember seeing. Or was it just a waterfall? That was for a brief time of two seconds. Let’s just stick to a river. There was a city with no humans but only sheep. There was a shop with no shopkeeper but only dolphin selling handmade cars.  Oh , why cars ? lets turn it into wings. Then there was mist, yes mist, or maybe smog, I don’t remember much. But I crossed it within a second and reached a balcony with green fences where birds sang. A Himalayan monal was sitting there. I was there for some minutes, that’s how I remember it. I had a lunch on Eifel tower with flowers showering instead of rain- as humans tell me. Flowers hitting the road and growing into gigantic trees. I climbed the trees, reached the land of dwarves and befriended them. In return they took my shadow. It was good though, Its nice when there’s nothing following you, though I suppose I do miss playing with it some days when I am alone.

book_aavikaI time travelled – meeting all the beautiful queens and the brave ones too. Learning who influenced my thoughts and who shaped the world I believe in. I space travelled – learning the birth and death of stars , watching the universe unravel its darkest secrets to me. I city travelled – watching my ancestors rise and fall. I ocean travelled – acorss the continents they so lovingly hold . I dimension travelled – from one thought to another.

All this and more was brought to me by a book with each flip of page.

Read, if you wish to travel and can not.

Read more if you do travel to know more.

Read if you do not like to travel and love your comfort zone.

Read. Just Read. And you will never be alone.



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