Black Magic Woman

February 1, 2010 Off By Miss Cellany

With a song on my lips and spring in my steps I set out for my workplace this morning. Everything looked fresh and clean. I was waiting at a traffic intersection for the chartered bus when I witnessed an incident which… I am not sure if i have an adjective to describe it yet. So let me just narrate it instead.

Two guys were trying to jump the red-light when a girl in a Getz suddenly raced in from the adjacent green side cutting short their herogiri. The guys,narrowly missed being hit, let out an instantaneous Heyy! The girl slowed down as if on reflex; with a mischievous smile took a hand off the steering wheel, made an unmistakable FO sign with her fingers and sped away leaving the guys and an Auntiji standing near me absolutely shocked. The guys on the bike recovered and smiling sheepishly drove away. I had doubled up giggling hysterically. Wow! That was some attitude. Some girl she was. A Gutsy girl with a wicked sense of humour. Go woman!

Of course, Auntiji did not lose a moment to turn that disapproving glare towards me now that the Getz whisked by. I immediately tried to control myself. I am sure Auntiji must have been silently cursing us crazy next-gen women who upset her orthodox senses of dos and don’ts at probably every traffic signal she halts at these days. I mean, just think of the woman who just crossed by. The incident must have lasted for just a few seconds but it was enough to check her out. (Yes guys! I did say check her out.Why? How much time do you need to do so? And at any rate we women check other women out faster than most specimens of your species do.) Beautiful, sexy, confidence oozing from every pore. The kohl-rimmed eyes, that dainty nose-ring and the black turtleneck hinted at just the right concoction of mischief and devil-may-care attitude. BLACK MAGIC WOMAN. That attire and attitude proudly announced that she wasn’t one of those who looked towards qualifying as the sushil bharatiya nari (a fact seconded by the deadly stares of Auntiji).

Ah well, my bus arrived, and I energetically hopped up to push my way through the already crowded aisle. My head carried within it that woman who came and wafted by like a breath of fresh air. Her surprise counter to the wannabe Roadies made my day and I am sure even those guys who were at the receiving end enjoyed the experience. (I hope they learnt something from it too, I won’t bet too much on it though. )

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