Author: Debanjan Bhattacharya

A Bengali who spent his childhood in upper Assam, Debanjan Bhattacharya is an MNC software engineer currently based in Pune. Having spent his early adult life in Chattisgarh, Kolkata and Bangalore, Debanjan infuses his writings with the sense of alienation that children of the Northeast face when they find themselves a misfit in any region due to language, diction, racial and ethnic features. This poem records his one-sided love affair with his birthplace- a place he belonged to and yet never fitted in. He writes out of the personal experience of “not belonging to every other place” lived in thereafter. “Infact even Kolkata seemed alien.”
January 15, 2010 Off

Foster Child

By Debanjan Bhattacharya

Hopping across the brooks running down the Patkai Pestering Bhaiti reaping his paddy, Running aimlessly chasing the dragonflies. The mist…