Author: Dr. Bhubaneswar Sahariah

Dr. Bhubaneswar Sahariah has been writing for almost three decades now, although by profession he is the Controller of Examinations of Tezpur University. While teaching Statistics in Darrang College, Tezpur for more than twenty years before joining the university at its very inception, he was an active member of the Assam Science Society and an avid song-writer and composer, along with which he used to compose radio dramas aired in AIR Guwahati, as well as stage dramas which have been performed at national level. He has written numerous stories and articles which were published in many newspapers and periodicals including the popular “Prantik”. He has also translated quite a few books from English to Assamese, one of them being the classic “Little Women” which was named “Xoru Aitihot”. For the first time in a long time Dr. Sahariah has written something which is not a speech or a report, and is not related to examinations, results or admissions, and does not end with his seal and signature.