April Fool’s day special contest

April Fool’s day special contest

April 1, 2013 Off By Fried Eye
This is the winning entry  for the wickedness/sarcasm/satire contest by Harshdip Singh, that we had announced on Facebook: Just for fun on the occasion of April Fool’s day.

The world is living on hope and sarcasm. Life would have ended much before if not for Sarcasm.

The beauty is – the one saying it says multiple things at once, and the one on the receiving end gets only one of it

Were there no Sarcasms, Women would be literally pulling each others Hairs.

Were there no Sarcasms, Men would have nothing to talk among themselves

My incident happened very recently.

I have an aunt. The only thing she cares about is poking her nose in others lives.

My brother was at the age of getting married soon. But he said he was not ready then. But as usual, our Aunt used to poke him in his ribs with a smile at other’s marriages saying “You Are NEXT !! “
My brother was desperately looking for a chance to give it back to her one day.

One not very fine day, my cousin Grandfather passed away. Our family which includes people whom I have never seen in my life also came.

We were at the cremation ceremony that evening. Incidentally, our Aunt was standing right in front of us brothers.

My brother used this opportunity and whispered in our Aunt’s ear, “You Are NEXT !!”.

The next moment he moved away and made way for our aunt to see yours truly with her red eyes.

I was too shocked to say anything. And ended up stuttering “Ek Din Toh Sabko Jana Hi Hai”. (all of us has to go from this world one day)

Me and my Brother laugh at this whenever we remember  that day 🙂

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