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An open letter to a frequent cribber

frequent Cribber,
Anywhere in the world.
Whoever you are ,
Sometimes they say , one has to go down the dirty path to actually know how dirty it actually is. Ok , that was a really bad way of putting across the reason for my rant. I do not like people who rant. Period. So, when I was asked to write something mean or rant-like or a satire ( now I had to refer to a dictionary to get even its definition right ) , I wondered  why people crib ? Not the scientific reason sort , but just irritated at few instances I have been stuck with such people.
Cab is late. Cab is early ( I crib about that sometimes )
The office lacks this.
The city lacks that.
No one understands me , my vision..
The country has so much going wrong ( Is true though)
This could have been done this way .. or that.
People are manner-less / senseless / and blah blah
Phew ! I can go on and on about it.
Practically 25 percent of the tweets on my Timeline and equal share of FB posts/images are on the similar lines. Now , I might be an over accommodating , carefree kind of person, but what I still do not understand is, why can’t people look on the brighter side of life and things. And when you see a dirty road ( not the same one I mentioned above ) , why don’t you find ways to clean it rather than blaming all and everyone around for keeping it dirty ?
For every cause of concern and discomfort to you , there can be a way to minimize it for yourself and actually another way to end it for everyone’s benefit. And if you really can not think of fixing it , for the life of me , stop cribbing dude ! No one is listening. Ah me ? I can not escape it else trust me , I would be miles away. Think of people like you and me to be irresponsible , ignorant or plain lazy when something wrong happens and imagine lot of us going through same moments of irritation. Imagine your wife/ mother-in-law going on non stop around you about things that do not matter to you. You are the same around me. Don’t please blame me if I ignore and avoid you next time.
I don’t think you will understand or follow , but if you can, appreciate the goodness in the world.
You might crib less and smile more.
The silent one with an opinion.

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