All Hail Womb Service

All Hail Womb Service

June 16, 2013 Off By Mama Tenterhooks

By Mom on Tenterhooks

My dear darling baby,

We complete three months of you being inside Mommy today! Cheers to us! Mommy can’t wait to see you and hold you in her arms and smother you with kisses, baby. But while it is a long long wait to December, Mommy finds solace in reading about you and waiting to see you in her ultrasounds. So my tiny lime-sized darling, seems you have already started getting tiny tooth buds under your gums! And you are busy kicking and stretching, although Mommy will get to feel your kicks only in another month or two. Now that’s something Mommy’s looking forward to; getting to feel your baby acrobatics inside her tummy. And while not many Mommies do this, yours being the dork she is, is actually looking forward to growing all big and fat and round, just so she can see for herself that you are growing inside her. Like I said, baby, Mommy’s a little weird.  But just the right amount, and the good kind.

So what’s been happening in the world outside of Mommy’s tummy? Well, we had a visit from this really cool Aunt you will call Aunt A, and Mommy had plenty of fun getting pampered and giggling a lot. And I guess you had fun too, making your first womb service call (remember we talked about Umbert the Unborn the very first day I wrote to you?) Mommy blames Aunt A for introducing you to what we now call “That Particular Ice-cream Baby Screams For”. Now had it been some regular run-of-the-mill ice-cream brand that one could find easily, Mommy wouldn’t have given it a second thought. But no, Aunt A had to go and give us a taste of heavenly dollops of manna that one had to travel miles to get. So when the first pint got wiped out (in a matter of days, sadly), Daddy took Mommy to the nearest supermarket late one night to get her another one. Baby, I never knew ice-cream could bring me to tears, given how I am not a big fan of ice-cream. But as Daddy and I stood in the ice-cream aisle, going through the stacks trying to find That Particular ice-cream and not finding it, Mommy could almost feel you wailing inside her going “I want some right now!” So Daddy did what any good Daddy does. He bundled us in a cab and took us to the nearest store he knew stocked that ice-cream ,and twenty minutes later Mommy got to buy two whole pints! By the time we reached home, baby, it was pretty late. But I know you must have loved those two scoops that Mommy so lovingly fed you right before dropping off to sleep from all the running around. And since we are talking about food, baby, the jelly beans? Uh-huh. Not good for us. So no matter how much we want to have those tiny pearly multi-colored multi-flavored bits of pure fun, we will restrict ourselves to just a very few in one day, okay? Good. Same goes for fizzy drinks. They are a no-no. But I am super glad you like the sprouts topped with lime, salt and bits of ginger. They are good for us!

Let’s no more talk about food, baby. Mommy gets so hungry whenever someone talks about food. Let’s talk books, instead. And music. So Mommy’s reading all of the Harry Potter books all over again, and is going to read them again right before you are born, just so you get to love Harry Potter as much as she does! And while Mommy dreams of owning the entire Famous Five collection just so you can fall in love with Julian, Jo, Dick, Anne and Timothy, until then she will read them for you. As for music, Mommy’s been listening to some great songs to groove to! And when you can actually start hearing all the stuff Mommy plays for you, I am pretty sure you will start grooving inside Mommy’s womb too.

Your G-Ma and PapPap send their love, baby. And Daddy sings to you every night before Mommy has to sleep. Your Aunt A kept patting Mommy’s tummy while she was here to let you know she’s there for us. And your Uncle R, Daddy’s brother, has already decided what he’s going to bring you the first time he gets to see you. There’s so much love waiting for you in this beautiful blessed world, baby. So keep growing, stay warm and happy and healthy, my little one. And come to Mommy soonest. Because Mommy loves you the most.

Big sloppy kisses,

Mom on Tenterhooks.

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Mrs. Mom on Tenterhooks is a twenty-something first time Mom and is all rosy eyed about having a baby, despite having read a million articles on sleepless nights and messy diapers. She swears by internet research and believes she can handle anything as long as there’s a forum about it somewhere in the world wide web. When not aggressively hunting down reasons for symptoms or their absence, she loves to write to her unborn baby.

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