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Brendan Francis quoted “In the realm of thought every person performs innumerable abortions each minute of the waking day”.

Many countries consider it illegal and why not. It’s like saying ‘killing’ is authorized and legal! But what if it is to save a mother? What do you say about it then? Doesn’t she have a life? It’s food for thought once again you know.

Just this morning I read about a young mother who died in a distant country away from her homeland because doctors denied abortion saying that it was not legal in that country. I am not going ‘anti’ or ‘for’ this practice but when you talk about life in general it’s so much better to understand the fact that the victim had a life, she could have become a mother again. If the fetus was somehow ‘miraculously’ saved, it would have been an entirely different story wouldn’t it? But that wasn’t possible either.

A brief study on the methods of abortion through search  engines gave me an insight to a couple of information that could help woman. (Please consult a doctor and not do anything on your own)

The methods of abortion have three main categories:

  1. Those that invade the uterus and destroy the fetus by instruments which enter the uterus through the cervix (performed by an authorized doctor only).
  2. Those that abort the fetus by administration of drugs (read medicine). (The “morning after pill” option is only viable within 3-5 days of intercourse, and the sooner taken the greater the likelihood it will work. It’s most useful when you know you had unprotected intercourse and did not want to conceive. This is an emergency contraception and not an abortion pill.)
  3. And by abdominal surgery (performed by an authorized doctor only).

Every medical procedure, including an abortion, has certain side effects. These are both, physical and emotional. In both cases it would not be the best idea to go though it alone.

Dealing with an abortion is not an easy task, both physically and emotionally. Therefore, if you have decided to end your pregnancy and opt for an abortion, pause and understand the real reason for your decision, and whether it is valid enough to make you go through such extreme abortion side effects. The final decision is ultimately yours. Life is precious and it’s yours to decide how you live it.

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One thought on “Abortion ! – Maggie Deka

  1. Dear Maggi Deka with your permission I want to bring something important to your kind notice – well as far as our country in concerned there are laws for legalized abortion as you were talking of “SAVING A MOTHER “. Refer Medical Termination of Pregnancy (MTP) Act under Indian Penal Code, a lady can undergo abortion under following circumstances …

    1. A pregnancy may be terminated by a registered medical practitioner,-
    (a) where the length of the pregnancy does not exceed twelve weeks if such medical practitioner is Of opinion, formed in good faith, that,-
    (i) the continuance of the pregnancy would involve a risk to the life of the pregnant woman or of grave injury to her physical or mental health ; or
    (ii) there is a substantial risk that if the child were born, it would suffer from such physical or mental abnormalities as to be seriously handicapped
    However, when the pregnancy exceeds 12 weeks but is below 20 weeks, the consultation of two registered medical practitioners is required.

    2. A pregnancy occurring as a result of rape

    3. Failure of contraceptive device used by a couple.

    Consent of the following kinds is required before a legal abortion by an approved
    practitioner can be conducted on a pregnant female:

    If married— her own written consent. Husband’s consent not needed.

    If unmarried and above 18years —her own written consent.

    If below 18 years —written consent of her guardian.

    If mentally unstable — written consent of her guardian.

    Physicians approved for conducting MTP are:

    A qualified registered medical practitioner who has helped in 25 MTPs.

    A house surgeon who has undergone six months post in Obstetrics and Gynecology.

    A person who has a diploma /degree in Obstetrics and Gynecology.

    Three years of practice in Obstetrics and Gynecology for those doctors registered before the 1971 MTP Act was passed.

    A year of practice in Obstetrics and Gynecology for the doctors registered on or after the date of commencement of the Act.

    problem is not the law .. but the implementation of law ///
    a country like ours where there is poverty, crime is prevalent and a girl child is seen as burden to the family ( it still happens in India – u can see UP, Bihar , Punjab , haryana , MP and the condition of North Eastern states is also not that very good where lots of rituals are being followed ofcourse now getting little liberalized, down south where a lady was made a Dev Dasi; a forced prostitute who would serve the society without her permission/will ) … seeing all this an abortion in India can’t be encouraged.
    and why it should be ? ( except leaving few cases where the birth to the baby can bring danger to the lady ) …
    Can’t you donate the baby to lots of couple who are willing to do anything for a kid ?
    how can you kill a child who is innocent ? what abt the child ? wt was his fault ?
    so I am against of abortion and advocate it only in extreme cases where the birth to the baby can bring danger to both.

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