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December 1, 2012 Off By Fried Guest

Brendan Francis quoted “In the realm of thought every person performs innumerable abortions each minute of the waking day”.

Many countries consider it illegal and why not. It’s like saying ‘killing’ is authorized and legal! But what if it is to save a mother? What do you say about it then? Doesn’t she have a life? It’s food for thought once again you know.

Just this morning I read about a young mother who died in a distant country away from her homeland because doctors denied abortion saying that it was not legal in that country. I am not going ‘anti’ or ‘for’ this practice but when you talk about life in general it’s so much better to understand the fact that the victim had a life, she could have become a mother again. If the fetus was somehow ‘miraculously’ saved, it would have been an entirely different story wouldn’t it? But that wasn’t possible either.

A brief study on the methods of abortion through search  engines gave me an insight to a couple of information that could help woman. (Please consult a doctor and not do anything on your own)

The methods of abortion have three main categories:

  1. Those that invade the uterus and destroy the fetus by instruments which enter the uterus through the cervix (performed by an authorized doctor only).
  2. Those that abort the fetus by administration of drugs (read medicine). (The “morning after pill” option is only viable within 3-5 days of intercourse, and the sooner taken the greater the likelihood it will work. It’s most useful when you know you had unprotected intercourse and did not want to conceive. This is an emergency contraception and not an abortion pill.)
  3. And by abdominal surgery (performed by an authorized doctor only).

Every medical procedure, including an abortion, has certain side effects. These are both, physical and emotional. In both cases it would not be the best idea to go though it alone.

Dealing with an abortion is not an easy task, both physically and emotionally. Therefore, if you have decided to end your pregnancy and opt for an abortion, pause and understand the real reason for your decision, and whether it is valid enough to make you go through such extreme abortion side effects. The final decision is ultimately yours. Life is precious and it’s yours to decide how you live it.

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