Your Hair Booster

Your Hair Booster

June 1, 2011 Off By Gargee Borah

The beginning of this summer has given me a dreamlike happiness. Fashion has taken a flowery twist this summer. All I can see is beaches, colors and lots and lots of flowers. Firstly, the Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week in New York gave us the pop colors and the chunky statement pieces. And then our own Lakme India Fashion Week gave us the resort wear.  All in all it turned out to be the best season for fashion in a long time for me.

While there are a lot of things that I would like to write about in this piece today, I will restrict myself and stick to an important element of your fashion statement: your hair accessories. Personally, I absolutely love them. They can make you look so much more beautiful and so much more elegant if paired with the right costume. This season hair accessories have got a statement look in them. Big chunky pieces in bold colors and stylish motifs, they have it all.

Head-wraps and silk scarves are big hits, if you like the retro look. They are also super easy to wear, but they are definitely not for everyone as the retro look is very hard to carry. Women with longer hairstyles can use them to add a bit of sophistication to their look. Also, they work well on all hair textures. So if their style appeals to you, grab a printed version or a simple, bold color one and wear it proudly. Oversized models of these designs come in a variety of stylish looks. Turban style head-wraps have also made a huge comeback, so don’t hesitate to add that vintage-chic-ness to your hair.

Headbands are back in a huge way. Select the perfect style for you, as there are plenty of styles to choose from. They are hassle free and works fabulously in both simple and sophisticated looks. Coordinate your headband to the style of your outfit and it will up your trend quotient by a huge notch. Embellished or simple headbands can do miracles for your hair in just seconds, so select different styles and you’ll look great regardless of any occasion or the length of your hair.

Aah! Now it’s time for my favorite: hair clips; looks great on all hairstyles. They come in so many colors and styles, it’s just incredible! And that is the exact reason why you have to add several of them to your hair accessories collection, like I have. Plus, they are not expensive at all. You’ll be able to upgrade the look of your tresses at a low cost. Go for cute fruity design clips, floral oversized clips, butterfly clips, embellished clips, you name it. They all look so great!

These hair accessories will instantly complete the look of your outfit. They can make all the difference in your look. So don’t be shy and boost the beauty of your locks without putting too much effort into it. They come in different shapes, sizes and colors, so choose one of the following hair beauty boosters and you’ll definitely look trendy this summer.


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