You needn’t tell you love me

You needn’t tell you love me

February 15, 2012 Off By Maharnab Hazarika

Your love flows

in the journeys of my breath

The placidity of the rise;

Your love reigns

in the cuddles that the monsoon brings,

and the smiles of the sad springs;

Your love

is in the lift of my eyelids,

when my eyes wake up for your glance

The glances that I steal

When your skin and your pink robe

merges with the flakes of roses;

in the gardens of bliss,

Your love sails

with the fragrance of lavender

In the ethereal

of the dawn and the dusk;

Your love smiles

endowed with glee,

When you hide yourself,being shy

when your silence speaks

with incessant grace,

Your love sings

in the golden light of the crescent;

the silhouette of the zenith,

When blooming mirages ceaselessly

Pierce the depths of my heart,

Your love enchants

when there is a pain seeping inside;

But I feel none,

when your presence lingers in my soul

In the fantasies of the dark.


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