April 15, 2013 Off By Kanchan Bhattacharya



Words that sigh- I wish you were here!

Words that burn like sizzling affairs

Words to scent like a fragrant rose

Words throbbing when you get so close


Words to brood when not in the mood!

Words to cool like a randy dude!

Words like elfin smiles bind

Words that simple reflect the mind


Words lie like a one night stand

Words in dance like a jazz band

Words to risk like taking a chance

Words that feel like an ogling glance!


Words to say finally- supari- it’s a deal!

Words – kiss me, with that final seal!

Words that frown like an upset clown!

Words that run memory lane up and down


Words that chill- I am insane!

Words that dare like Hips don’t lie

Words that pair the two of a kind

Words on a dead end never reply


Words like affection turn one blind

Words of desire to just turn me on!

Words elope when lovers flee

Words to mow like lies on the lawn!


Words of the devils- fiendish glee!

Words that touch the lovers’ lips

Words that stop don’t go tonight!

Words in autumn -some faint nips


Words of spooks to give you a fright!

Words to pare- choppers and knives!

Words on a roller coaster ride

Words! Things that one tells his bride!


Words of cheer to brighten lives!

Words wear like raindrops on sandstone

Words that tease like my girl’s moan!

Words that leer- Tweet! Tweet!


Words are kisses, just chochweet!

Words that sag- resigned defeat…

Words to stare at like cleavage lines

Words predict like zodiac signs


Words that thrill – a skating rink

Word that snarl like I hate you

Words that kill- broken hearts

Words that snare like I love you!


Words to cheer- Ole! Ole! Ole – O!

Words to fear when the boss says go!

Words upstairs- promote or simply- fire!

Words to the ex flame- fading desire


Words that just kiss and make-up

Words yelp like one-day old pup!

Word of depth- buried six feet under!

Words as big as the Himalayan blunder


Words to count- twenty toes!

Words that bring peace like a vanquished foe

Words that bleed like the pound of flesh

Words that catch- a chicken mesh!


Words to eat like humble pie

Words of admiration- Sigh!

Words that flare like old flames

Words play like blame games!


Words on a roll- haystack!

Word that hunt like a wolf pack!

Words- things that say it all!

Rippling sunbeams on a wall!

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