Top 10 online book stores- Priyanka’s Top ten

Top 10 online book stores- Priyanka’s Top ten

August 15, 2011 Off By Priyanka Bhowmick

         How many of you call yourselves as ‘Bookworms’? Well I am not a bookworm but whenever I find a book of my interest, I definitely look forward to read it. Many of you might be gathering at your nearest book stall but at times you can’t find a book that you are looking for. In that case some of you get very impatient and ask our friends or relatives to look for the same at their native place. So instead of bothering your relatives, why don’t you look for the same book at other place? You must be definitely aware of online book stalls who deliver your book within a few days after you order them. When you can’t find your desired book at your native book stall, you can go for the online book shops where you will certainly find the book. There are numerous book shops over the web who sells books on various topics and at discounted prices. Even I purchased 2-3 copies from an online book shop and was very satisfied with their service. Today, in this article, I am going to mention about the top 10 online book shops that you should definitely go for.


  1. Flipkart

Flipkart is one among the topmost sites that offers books of several topics and at reasonable prices. Their products are said to be delivered within 3 business days at your doorstep. Other than books you can find several other items in the Flipkart store.

Flipkart logo

  1. Infibeam


Infibeam offers books and other products at discounted prices. They also allow ‘Cash on Delivery’ option and claim to ship your product within 5 business days.


  1. Amazon


Online shopping freaks don’t need any introduction for Amazon. The worlds’ top online shopping center which sells books and numerous other products. Since Amazon is an international site, the shipping time might take a little longer.

Update: Amazon has been launched in India on Jun 5th, 2013 and now you don’t have to wait for long.


  1. Ebay


Ebay stands next to Amazon where you’ll find abundant products including books. You can place a bid for your favorite book and the shipping times depend on your location. You can find books by various sellers and buy according to your nearest location. For those who are in India, you can visit for purchases.



  1. Nbc India


Nbc India deals only with book selling and you can find books from various countries over there.

The prices are reasonable and they ship within 1-2 weeks, only the international books takes a little more time for delivery.


  1. Rediff Books


Rediff Books is an initiative by, selling all kinds of books at discounted prices. They ship within 7 days and you can also view the book’s synopsis before purchasing.


  1. Barnes and Noble


Barnes and Noble is an international site, which stands among one of the most popular bookstores. They usually deliver the products within 24 hours but it might take some more time depending on your location.


  1. Powells


Powell’s Books is also an international site where you can find and search for the books of your choice. They ship within 3 days and you can also sell your old books over there.


  1. BooksAMillion

BooksAMillion contains variety of books with discounted prices and their shipping would be free if you order above $25.


  1. A1 Books

Like every other site, A1 Books provides books at very reasonable and discounted prices.



So the next time you feel the urge to gift a book to yourself or to someone else, you need not run to the store . You can order it from the comfort of your home and just wait for it to be delivered to your doorstep.

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