The Wild-Child by the Aimless Drifter

The Wild-Child by the Aimless Drifter

March 1, 2012 Off By Fried Guest

She’s the love child often scorned

Bereft of ties

She eats alone

She returns home early morn

To no dear face or voice familiar

With broad-mindedness enough to shame

She’s slept with a dozen men

She’s trapped in a labyrinth of trance

Indifferent, she sways to a psychedelic dance

She’s the hippy with the tousled mane

A bohemian rhapsody who snorts cocaine

In the revving Royal Enfield she veers away

Into an off-beat track

Her smoky eyes reveal she’s sloshed

And tonight she begs for no love

All she yearns for is a trip and a puff !

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