The New Named vs The Famously Named

The New Named vs The Famously Named

April 8, 2013 Off By Harshdip Singh

by Harshdip Singh
Match 7 – RCB vs SRH

Match 7 – Aar Cee Bee vs Sunrisers Hyderabad!

I am pretty sure not many of you would have been familiar with the name SRH. The only thing which comes to our mind which starts with SR would be Sachin Ramesh and we will try to match the last alphabet with something related to Tendulkar’s zillion records.But unfortunately for the zillion + 1 fans, it’s not about him. SRH is SunRisers Hyderabad. And with this the reaction comes, ‘Oh, SunRisers ?’ Dale Steyn and Kumara Sangakkara!Yes, the same SRH we are talking about. They play at their home ground against the very famous Virat Kohli led Royal Challengers Bangalore.

You can also see Vijay Mallaya away from the his tensions and worries of Kingfisher airlines and enjoying the match in his comfy chairs in the VVIP areas.
So, on the toss, Virat wins it and for the second time in the day, the team winning the toss, bats first.
And when RCB bats, we wait for a storm, the Gayle-Storm. Dale Steyn bowls the first and Dilshan plays off most of the deliveries in the first over.
Second over: Gayle on strike, uncapped Indian part time bowler bowling it. One would expect the over to cost around 15-20 runs easily. But what happens is, Gayle is out first ball. Someone who can dismiss the finest bowlers in the world is gone to pavilion from an uncapped player.
Some familiar signs which Sachin Tendulkar has shown too earlier. There! I just had to mention him.You just cannot take Sachin out of anywhere in Cricket, can you?
But, a huge panic follows in RCB camp. And soon after, Ishant Sharma cleans up Dilshan’s stumps. Its all on the young skipper, Kohli now. Some serious responsibility shown by Kohli and Henriques, both scoring 46 and 44 respectively at just over a strike rate of 100, gets RCB to 130-8 in the 20 overs. Ishant being the most successful bowler taking 3-27 in his 4 overs.
Nobody takes Ishant in their fantasy teams but now many would be planning to take him from next time.
This pitch, along with the batting strength Hyderabad has, 131 should not be a difficult target. Parthiv Patel opens up with Akshath Reddy.
Henriques continuing his good form from last innings takes two quick wickets. One of which is of the previous Hyderabad skipper, Cameron White. With Muralitharan in the RCB side, 131 won’t be easy anymore. He comes to bowl in the 9th over when the equation says 84 runs required from 72 balls. And when the highest wicket taker in Test matches comes to bowl, can wickets be far behind?. He strikes in his second delivery and sends the well settled opener, Reddy back to the dug-out.
After 10 overs, SRH are 56-3. Not a great start, but with 131 as target, that is 75 in the last 10 overs with Sangakkara batting, it’s SRH who might…  But with Murali bowling 3 of the remaining 10 overs, I would bet for RCB. A finish right to the wire is expected.
But it’s not Murali, rather the Young Unadkat who removes the dangerous Sangakkara. With 49 required of 36 balls and Murali left with just 6 deliveries, it just could be anybody’s game. And how can we forget the hard hitter Perera who comes in to bat on the fall of Kumara. It’s going to be tough for sure.

Whatever the result be, when we compare Hyderabad of the last year’s IPL with this Hyderabad team, the players remaining almost the same, it’s hard to believe what a change of jersey has done to the team. They are playing like the time when they were the champions led by Gilchrist in IPL – 2.
And about the match, what do I say!. This has been shifting momentum right from the start of the match. Gayle-storm did not happen, Kohli did; then the momentum got shifted to Henriques. But the low final score made it look like it was Hyderabad’s match. Then quick wickets of Hyderabad tilted the scales again in favour of RCB. But when they looked good back again, 2 wickets in 3 balls in the 15-16th over made it go RCB’s way.

Then a six and a four of Vinay Kumar in the 18th over makes it 14 off 12 required with 4 wickets in hand.
It all happens in the last 6 deliveries of Vinay Kumar. 7 was required and he took a wicket of the first ball. It came down to 5 of 3 with Dale Steyn on strike. Can Dale Strike do with the bat as he does with the ball ? Of course he can but not as good as he does without the pads on.
So, it comes off finally to 2 runs to win from the last ball. A perfect finish for a super over match. A swing and a miss but they scamper for a single and this makes it the first super over match of IPL – 6.
Its going to be Perera, White and Sanga to bat and Steyn to ball for Hyderabad.
For RCB, its going to be Gayle, Kohli and Dilshan to bat and Vinay Kumar to ball for them.
Vinay to Perera starting off the super over.
With two mighty blows from Cameron White for a maximum, Hyderabad end with 20 runs of the over. RCB given a target of 21 off Dale Steyn’s 6 deliveries.
Possible ? I say NO unless and until it’s AB De Villiers who is batting. Remember last year’s IPL encounter between ABD and Steyn. 21 runs had come off that over. Can Gayle do a DeVilliers tonight?
Dale Steyn, you beauty! You are an asset to any team, any form, any conditions. 3 runs of first 2 balls and Gayle is off strike too. S0 Kohli it is now.
Kohli hits a boundary and 12 runs required off 2 with Gayle on strike! Hits a six of the 5th ball. Now its 1 ball and 6 required. There is no more blood flowing in the veins now, it’s only adrenaline.
Dale Steyn bowls a very full delivery and Gayle can only drill it for a single. Hyderabad has done it. They have won 2-in-2.
The best finish to an IPL match. Simply awesome! This is what you want to watch in a T20 match.
If you missed out catching it on TV live, read it here and feel the rush.
Hanuma Vihari is the rightly judged Man-of-the-Match!
Stay tuned for more of matches like this. Praying for many more super overs this IPL 

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