Technology Trends to Dominate in 2014

Technology Trends to Dominate in 2014

January 1, 2014 Off By Priyanka Bhowmick

In the year 2013 we met numerous new equipments and devices those dominated the technology world. The introduction of the latest softwares, chips and processors, those claim to operate a device faster, have made their way to consumer’s hearts. A few proved to be what they really targeted for, and a few failed to satisfy customers. Still innovations will remain to be continued in the upcoming years; but first let us find what we have in our store this year.

A new set of technology line-up is all set to arrive in 2014 that might drive the public wild. The Samsung Galaxy S5, that is in the 2014 galaxy-s1-s2-s3-s4-s5-evolutiongadgets’ list, is rumored to have high end and advanced features like Eye Sensor, which will enable the user to unlock the phone through the eye scanning technology. This will be probably the first ever smartphone to introduce this feature after the iPhone 5S that includes the Fingerprint sensor technology. The Galaxy S5 is also said to feature QHD display that is sharper, 16MP Isocell camera, 5.0 or 5.2-inch screen and 64-bit processor.

Amazon_SmartphoneThe next invention, Amazon Prime Air aims to deliver goods to customers in 30 minutes. This is a new technology that will be used for Amazon products’ delivery straight way to the customer within 30 mins after ordering the product.Additionally, another Amazon product is in the rumor line-up, i.e. the Amazon Kindle 3D Smartphone, which will feature the ‘floating touch technology’ and a glass-free 3D display. The phone is supposed to have a 4.7-inch display roughly.

One of the most expected products will be the next iPhone, the iPhone 6 that might feature wrap-around touch display with sapphire glass. Or it could be the iPhone Air that will probably have a larger display and can be 1.5mm thick, the slimmest ever phone weighing only 70g.

What to expect more?

Besides these new additions in the tech field there are numerous other services that consumers are waiting for.

Boost in 3D printing technology.

Compulsory usage of cloud storage among small businesses.

‘Smarter’ Smart TV and Smart Watch.

The habitation of internet services has become so necessary in the industry that it has increased the demand in technology modernisms. So let’s wait and see what 2014 have in store for us.

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