Pretty Petunia

April 15, 2011 Off By Ruprekha Mushahary

Hello pretty dainty

How do you do..?

Pink, white, mauve and lovely blue..!

You steal my heart

You take away my gloom,

With all your tender sweetness and hue.


Tiniest of tiny

Frozen was thee..

Gently did I lay you, for survival and glee..!

With a handful of care

And all my prayer,

In the bosom of earth, you did thrive and cheer.


Aspiration was it

That made me glow..?

Stealthily yet steadily my dear sapling grew..!

Swaying in the breeze

With soft firm steps,

Into a lady you turn now with alluring grace.


Spread of colour

Mystify you my sweetie..

How perfectly pretty a sight you’ve turned dear beauty..!

Is this charming sonata

In all fairness a reality..?

You, my Petunia, are the exquisitely glorious entity.


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