May 1, 2010 Off By Gunjana Dey

Scribbling on a new notebook
Is like beginning life afresh.
New notebooks have always attracted me –
Like the empty promises of an impulsive lover,
Which give hope.
First I write my name on the cover (being too possessive).
But the problem begins when I wonder,
What I should use it for.
I decide to make it a diary,
Where I can pour my heart out.
But realizing someone might read it,
I tear off the pages…
And then write on it
The poems I love.
And then suddenly I decide to make it a recipe book –
I had always wanted to be a good cook.
But slowly I realize that it is of no use.
Diaries, poetry and other hobbies
Will simply lead to the tearing down of pages.
And I end up using it to note down
Only my daily expenses.

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