Naturally Improve Your Eyesight To 20/20 Vision

Naturally Improve Your Eyesight To 20/20 Vision

March 15, 2013 Off By Kate Wilson


The eyesight is very important for any human being as it not only helps us to see but also plays a key role in our perception of the surroundings. But not everyone has a perfect vision. Many have thick glasses to aid their sight and some have opted for the more convenient contact lenses. But we all nurture a secret desire to get our vision back to 20/20.There are ways to regain the lost vision and it does not involve any work of the optometrists. Let us find out.

1) Believe that you are well

If anyone believes that he is sick or ill then he will eventually feel like a sick person and certain symptoms will begin to manifest. Traditional medicine do have a role to play in treating medical conditions but if you start believing that there is improvement then you will feel much better. So start believing that your eyes will get better and you will definitely feel a marked improvement in your eyesight.

2) Eyesight is not hereditary

Eyesight is always perfect at birth but gradually it becomes imperfect. Since parents who have glasses usually have kids who also wear glasses it is widely believed that eyesight is genetic in nature. But this is not entirely true. The habits of a child is always influenced by that of his parents If you stare at books then your child too will stare at books and will have glasses eventually. Since evolution helps us to adjust to the environment and live in this ever changing society, it is unlikely that medical conditions like myopia and hyperopia will be passed on from one generation to another.

3) The eyes got bad due to one factor

The one factor that is responsible for your imperfect vision is undue strain. If you spend hours staring at books and playing video games then the conditions of your eyes will worsen due to lack of eye movement and blinking. The eyes do get strained when you stare at something for more than 4 seconds. This strain builds up and leads to severe eye problems like myopia and astigmatism. Eye strain causes the eyes to lose clarity and gradually the vision deteriorates.

4) Incorporate the following 3 things

There are some things which you need to incorporate in your daily life and stick to those habits if you harbor any hope of getting back your 20/20 vision. First you need to blink every 4 seconds at least. As you blink more the eyes become less dry and hence there is little strain in your eyes. Secondly breathe from your stomach and you will be surprised to find how shallow the breathing becomes when you are working on a computer. Lastly shift your eyes from one point to another and never concentrate on one object at once. This will help the eyes get the required oxygen.

You must be committed to remember above-mentioned tips. Always believe that you too can have healthy eyes just by following a simple regimen. However, this never implies that traditional medicine does not have any role to play in the betterment of the eyes.

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